CZI Annual Economic And & Business Outlook

The CZI Economic Outlook is an annual publication which started in 2020 after years of hosting a symposium on the economic outlook. The Economic Outlook symposium was traditionally an iteration of the fiscal policy and monetary policy and how they would impact the business operating environment. The confederation has gone further to translate policy iterations, scenarios, projections and debate into the key variables in the local environment that would impact both business and economic prospects for the year as well as the continental and global outlook’s possible influence on the Zimbabwean economy.

CZI Business Environment & Insights

This publication is the first in a series of forthcoming business environment insights by the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) intended to give trends and Insights on the business environment as informed by local and international landscape and events. The publication series are aimed at informing the market and policy makers on industrial development, technology, emergence of new sectors or products, performance in value chains, emerging trends and highlight both business and policy opportunities. The intention is to ensure that CZI members as well as other constituencies are kept abreast of developments within the policy sphere as well as at the international scene that could have a bearing on how business decisions and strategies should be formulated. This is within the general CZI advocacy responsibilities.

January 2023

Inflation And & Currency Developments Updates

This is a monthly publication analysing the major developments in the macro-economic environment that have a bearing on business particularly but not limited to inflation and exchange rate developments. It is a highly insightful publication that is being utilized by business leaders for decision-making.

Manufacturing Sector Survey Reports

This is a report that analyses the state of and the performance of the manufacturing sector for the period January to December of the previous year. The survey has been revamped to provide cutting-edge analysis and insights that are of business decision-making value to both the manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors considering the multiplier that the sector is and the forward and backward linkages it has with other sectors.

2009 - 2021

The CZI ZimIndustry Analysis, Trends and Insights

Import substitution opportunities in paint manufacturing
Pricing distortions a constraint to smooth value chain operations
Safety Matches Manufacturing
An Analysis of the Collective Bargaining Statutory Instruments