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CZI Lean Programme 2018

Unlocking CZI Enterprise Level Competitiveness

CZI in its quest to unlock Enterprise level Competitiveness of its members, has been facilitating training of its members on Lean since February 2016 to date.
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CZI Business Confidence Index

4th Quarter 2017

Business Confidence is indicative for the appetite of business decisions that relate to increasing economic activity in the business sector. For business people, having access to the full view of business conditions helps to validate their own perceptions and views about the business environment against the prevailing conditions as indicated by this index. For policy makers, the information gives an indication on policy performance, areas requiring policy interventions and the relevance and timeliness of any impending policy. The information obtained from business condition surveys is crucial for business people and policy makers operating in developing economies like Zimbabwe to anticipate, position for and act on growth phases, booms and slow downs.

Development Of A Competitive Soya Bean Value Chain

Opportunities & Challenges

This study was done for the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) as part of technical support from the Zimbabwe Business Enabling Environment Programme (IMC-BEEP). The study team acknowledges the input and support provided by diverse stakeholders in the soya bean value chain who participated during the reference group meeting; key informant interviews (KIIs) and those who responded to questionnaires. The views expressed in this report do not necessarily reflect those of CZI or IMC-BEEP.

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