The Edible Oils Indaba

The Oil Expressers Association held their second Edible Oils Indaba to discuss the availability and the pricing of soya bean as well as measures to improve local production. Key soya value chain players such as the farmers, Banks, Ministry of Agriculture as well as the Agriculture Marketing Authority (AMA) attended the indaba.

The country has not been producing adequate soya bean contributing high foreign currency expenditure to import the raw material for the situation has also created marketing challenges, with GMB under pressure from players regarding access and allocation of the little available soya beans.

Currently some of the OEAZ members have been financing the local soya production and were urging other industry players to play their part in supporting local farmers to save forex on imports.

The meeting agreed to set up a technical committee to consider various options and opportunities and come up with a strategy for the industry to work together with relevant stakeholders towards increasing soya bean production.

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