Validation Workshop on the Livestock Identification and Traceability System

The local Livestock sector is set to benefit from the newly proposed Livestock Identification and Traceability System (LITS) which will revitalize the sector making it competitive once again.

The LITS study was carried out in Matebeleland North where a pilot programme has been launched under the US$2.5 million African Development Bank programme on cattle value chain. 

LITS is an internationally accepted system which improves animal disease control and prevention, reduce illegal animal movements and improve access to markets for producers since it allows effective communication linking all involved in the supply chain, from the producer to the consumer.

Through the system, all cattle under the system would incur $3- $6 each as cost of compliance with the system. The animals would be branded and registered in the digital database enabling backward and forward tracing to know the movements and necessary details the animal. This should also allow easy access to movement licenses as well as cutting down the cost of transactions for the farmers when either selling or purchasing animals.

Currently the state of local livestock is rapidly deteriorating due to poor management and limited access to funding. However, LITS will make livestock projects bankable and ensure quality production for both local and external consumption.

Zimbabwe Republic Police will also support the LITS, introducing new measures to embrace their Anti Stock Theft Unit.

Should the programme succeed, the expectation is that the ADB would support similar programmes under other value chains.

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