The CZI Funding and Investment Committee in conjunction with the prominent corporate legal firm, Manokore Attorneys held a Funding Connect Seminar, attended by financial institutions, corporate and investment legal advisors and business leaders. The Seminar ran under the theme “Accessing Capital Made Easy, aiming to expose CZI members to potential funders and available funding options.

Speaking at the Seminar, Bowmans financial expert Mr. Jason Wilkinson gave clear insight on the requirements business people should meet when approaching financial institutions. Financial Institutions consider factors such as financial standings, available collateral, economic and political environments to ensure security of their respective investments and unique quality business plans with guaranteed returns since banks lend out depositors money.

To attract different financiers for various projects, other speakers highlighted the need to build bankable and quality business plans, involving experts like legal advisors and economists to help clarify what the company really wants. Local Financiers are practicing risk acceptance criteria to accommodate the high rising SMEs since they do not have some of the required documentation such as financial audits.

The Seminar also allowed to business interactions through the multiple business to business sessions that came after the presentations, giving the various attending companies opportunity to interact with the present legal practitioners, bankers and other financiers.  

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