CZI plans leaky boarder workshop

As smuggling of goods continue to affect the economy, costing the country hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, potential jobs and general economic growth, the CZI committee on leaky boarders has resolved to host a workshop on the issue The Leaky Borders Committee is working with various stakeholders to help fight the smuggling scourge.

The committee recommended Industrial Associations to come on board with a view to recommend policies and improve regulatory measures as well as coming up with possible mechanisms against the problem. On the committee, ZIMRA and CID Fraud Squad have been roped and their contribution will be of great importance. ZIMRA has highlighted some of the  measures they were  implementing to deal with smuggling and this  include installation of CCTV on the entry points, acquiring drones to monitor activities within the vicinity of the country’s border posts, increasing patrol forces and also carrying out post clearance inspections on all markets selling imported products.

The committee agreed to organize a workshop with ZIMRA where various Industrial Associations will be given a chance to make presentations on what is happening in their sectors regarding the issue of smuggling. After this workshop, the committee will come up with a way forward, working with ZIMRA and police.

It was also agreed that ZIMRA need some assistance from industry in identifying and correctly classifying goods under correct tariff codes. Due to lack of technical knowhow, some smugglers were taking advantage by falsifying tariff codes.

The textiles sector was given as model of a sector that has united in putting together resources to meet expenses of their own surveillance and investigations and then reporting to ZIMRA. Through this operation, ZIMRA has managed to reduce the smuggling of certain textile products.

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