German Senior Expert Service to boost productivity in local companies

The Foundation of German Industry for International Cooperation is offering Senior Expert Service (SES) by retired skilled professionals in various fields for industry to assist those firms around the world who may need such services. This under a non-profit organization providing help for self-help mainly in developing, newly industrialised and transition countries, but also within Germany. The German representative met with CZI to offer and explain more.

SES is backed by more than 11,000 Senior Experts from all commercial, technical and skilled trade professions and over 50 economic sectors. They all have retired from active professional life and volunteer to provide their expertise to SES and its clients. Senior Experts can draw on many years of professional experience, pass on their knowledge on a voluntary basis and train fellow workers in their subject fields all over the world.  

Senior Experts render support to enterprises and institutions to solve acute problems. They also do training, skill development of technical and executive staff.

The work of Senior Experts assigned is of a recommendatory nature; Senior Experts do no replace employees. Sole responsibility for the implementation of recommendations lies with the clients. 

The companies requiring the services will fund the lion's share of the costs associated with SES assignments – particularly those incurred at the assignment location. If clients are unable to meet the costs of international travel and administrative expenses, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) can provide funds. Thus, most clients in Zimbabwe have to bear local costs including accommodation, public transport.

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