Exciting energy developments

The gold miners have been offered a deal that would see their electricity cost reducing by as much as 32%. The Chamber of Mines highlighted on their engagement with ZESA regarding the power reductions to gold mines where for the mine to qualify for this deal, it should clear its arrears within12 months and be able to make 40%. Negotiations are to continue as the clearance of arrears within 12 months will prove to be a major challenge.

The issue of power outages during the rainy season highlighted as affecting operations at encouraging teaming up with ZESA to maintain networks and electrical structures.

Several regulations and codes have been promulgated by ZERA and CZI will give a complete update on these in the next update.

LPG: There has been increase in the use of LP Gas particularly in domestic and industrial. This has resulted in increased LPG vendors operating illegally without licenses. In September 2016 demand had risen to 16m kg. This has risen further in September 2017 to27 m kg. Some companies in the agro processing sectors who provide domestic electricity to their workers are now moving them to LPG.

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