The apex organisation for Industry in Zimbabwe, the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI), has been in existence since 1923. It is an independent, self-financed, legally constituted organisation that represents and serves interests of members in a wide array of matters affecting their viability and competitiveness.


 Enterprise level Competitiveness

CZI in its quest to unlock Enterprise level Competitiveness of its members,

has been facilitating training of its members on Lean since February 2016.

Join the CZI Lean Programme to acquire skills that can leap frog your company

into competitiveness.

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What is Lean?

Lean Management is a way of thinking and acting that maximizes customer value while minimizing waste.

Why Lean?

The Lean training equips the participants with skills that will enable them to easily identify waste.

CZI Lean Programme 2018

Join the CZI Lean Programme to acquire skills that can leap frog your company into competitiveness.

Following the rise in the price of fuel per litre, Government came up with a proposed compensation mechanism to companies, in order to prevent the rise in prices as a consequences of the increase in the cost of fuel. This was originally referred to as a rebate – but now it has been changed to a refund. 

CZI has attended a number of consultations with ZIMRA on this issue. The process is somewhat involved, and needs explanation. For this reason, therefore, CZI is organising a workshop, to be addressed by ZIMRA representatives, on Tuesday, 12 February 2019.  The venue is Conquenor Auditorium; CIFOZ Offices; 256 S. Machel Avenue; Harare  starting 0830hours.  Your company is asked to send one representative to attend this important workshop. This invitation is to CZI members and non-members who are affected by this issue. 

Please note attendance is free.

For planning purposes, please confirm your attendance with:

Rachel: 0773 841 569/0242 251490-6; email: pr@czi.co.zw

Moreblessing: 0772 944 972/0242 251490-6; email: mchivende@czi.co.zw


In collaboration with SIRDC, CZI will offer Six Sigma Certification: Black Belt, which is an  internationally recognized Six Sigma Certification Programme. 

The Lean Six Sigma Black belt is an advanced training programme with a 5 day training workshop and participants earn their certification after successfully completing practical projects at their respective companies. The duration allowed is approximately 6 months from the date of completion of the training and exam.

The tentative Training Days for 1st Quarter: 25 February to 01 March 2019
Cost Fee: $1,875 per delegate
Venue: Monomotapa Hotel Harare


Take your organization to the next level of productivity and profitability with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Program. This program has provided organizations large and small, from manufacturing to service industries, with the tools and techniques to dramatically improve their processes and financial performance—thereby ensuring their competitive edge in the marketplace.

This 5 day programme is recommended for High-performance employees at all levels from all functional areas who serve as project leaders or key personnel driving the Lean journey for the organisation. They will learn Lean Six Sigma methodologies to improve process performance averages and reduce variation.

In brief the training will include:
• A structured problem solving approach integrating Lean* and Six Sigma methodologies
• The DMAIC model for process improvement including intermediate-level statistical and graphical tools
• Supplementary quality and lean tools
• Techniques to generate meaningful financial results

To be a certified Green Belt requires that the Green Belt candidate completes training, pass an exam test, and demonstrate results on one improvement project.

A certified Green Belt will benefit the organisation in that:
• Lean Six Sigma links strategic plans to operational improvements to create efficiencies for your business.
• Six Sigma Lean helps you target your customer needs so you can improve the things that matter most to your customers, hence build customer loyalty.
• Create greater returns by lowering operating costs and delivering products and services quicker and with higher customer satisfaction through operational excellence.

The tentative Training Days for 1st Quarter: 11 to 15 February 2019
Cost Fee: $1,350 per delegate
Venue: Monomotapa Hotel Harare
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