ILO launches SME supporting programme

The International Labour Organisation, in collaboration with government of Zimbabwe, the Employer’s Confederation of Zimbabwe and ZCTU, is implementing a programme that is aimed at identifying and supporting growth oriented SMEs.

With the support of the Government of Sweden, the programme aims to identify, growth-oriented enterprises through annual competitions. Winners will receive technical support to create new jobs, while improving existing ones.

This will allow SMEs to expand their green products services through a business development programme supported by strategic alliances with BDs providers and financial institutions. Consequently, this is expected to cement the survivability of enterprises and offer a business for Zimbabwe to go green.

Another area of intervention through the programme includes greening development. This component seeks to strengthen the capacity of TVET and professional training institutes, as well as communication based development initiatives to design programmes that provide business and technical skills for green jobs. As a result young people take an active role in greening the Zimbabwe economy, becoming more employable in the process.

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