Electricity Demand levels

Mining industry: It is estimated to require 409mw.

Industry: It is estimated to require 243mw

Agriculture: With erratic rains agriculture is reported to require more power for irrigation at this time of the year than usual to try and improve the food supply situation. Therefore, there is a programme to give farmers 190mw daily for irrigation, consistently until crop maturity.

Essential Services: Security, hospitals and other essential services require about 500mw. The Utility is still struggling with local authorities regarding debt recovery. The local authorities are regarded as an essential service for the provision of water. Their capacity to settle payments with ZESA have been compromised by their in ability to collect from rate payers among other challenges.

The demand levels are higher than supply. Out of the 1200 suppressed demand, local generation is about 600mw.  The other 600mw is being covered through imports and load shedding. The 1200mw excludes industry and domestic requirements, hence the shortfall is much higher.