What is Lean?

Lean Management is a way of thinking and acting that maximizes customer value while minimizing waste. Simply, lean means creating more value for customers with fewer resources.  Some of the methods used to minimise waste include 5S workplace organisation, A3 thinking for process improvement (similar to the DMAIC model in Six Sigma), Visual Management through the visual boards, daily teamwork and standard work management.

Why Lean?

The Lean training equips the participants with skills that will enable them to easily identify waste.  Such waste is a cost to the business. Lean helps business to come up with cost effective methods of minimizing the waste, whilst improving operational performance in a sustainable manner.  Lean management aims to make the work simple enough to understand, do and manage, whilst waste in the form of production time, processes and costs is reduced. At the same time quality improves to maximize customer value. In recent years, Lean has evolved in to a management system which addresses sustainability of continuous improvement throughout the organisation.

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