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Enterprise is the best defense against poverty

The apex organisation for Industry in Zimbabwe, the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI), has been in existence since 1923. It is an independent, self-financed, legally constituted organisation that represents and serves interests of members in a wide array of matters affecting their viability and competitiveness.


To be a world class leader, in building a legacy of prosperity through the development of sustainable business and social programmes.


To foster, encourage, promote, protect and advance the sustainable growth and development of the manufacturing industry and business in the interest of Zimbabwe’s economic prosperity.

Core Values

Empathy for all Stakeholders, Environmental Sustainability, Transparency, Accountability & Ethical Conduct

CZI undertakes this function on behalf of members to ensure that both the central and local governments enact laws that are conducive for optimum business operations.
Broad Basic Economic Advice
Providing members with economic analysis on a monthly basis. Government and the Central Bank constantly consult the CZI on key economic issues.
Information Dissemination
CZI provides members with information that is important and general in nature to suit the membership needs. CZI also provides survey/research-based information.

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Unlocking Enterprise level Competitiveness

CZI in its quest to unlock Enterprise level Competitiveness of its members, has been facilitating training of its members on Lean since February 2016. Join the CZI Lean Programme to acquire skills that can leap frog your company into competitiveness.
What is Lean?
Lean Management is a way of thinking and acting that maximizes customer value while minimizing waste.
Why Lean?
The Lean training equips the participants with skills that will enable them to easily identify waste.

The monetary and fiscal transition in the economy which is in the various policies, regulations and directives from the monetary and fiscal authorities have come with questions for business in relation to:

  • Solvency and Going Concern status
  • Responsibilities of Directors
  • Pricing and Incomes
  • Hyperinflationary accounting triggers
  • Enforcing contracts

CZI is hosting a mix of experts to explore the above issues, questions and options for business.

You are invited to participate at this seminar in which will be open to Managing Directors, CEOs and Finance Directors.

Date: 15 October 2019

Venue: CZI Offices, 31 Josiah Cinamano Avenue, Harare

Time: 8:30am - 12:30hours


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